Pastor Tim Hawk’s Ambitious Plan of Church Planting

I hope you will be inspired by the ministry of DTS graduate Tim Hawks. Tim is a pastor in the greater Austin area, and he has the ambitious goal of planting one hundred churches in the next five years. Since 1986, Tim has dedicated himself to accomplishing great things for the Lord’s kingdom and to building a church of Christ-seeking leaders. I know you will be moved by Tim’s passion and conviction as he disciples his community in the great name of Jesus Christ.

Feb 1, 2018
Bernard FullerBernard Fuller
Dr. Bernard Fuller’s Message of Hope DTS graduate Dr. Bernard Fuller serves as Senior Pastor of New Song Bible Fellowship Church in the Baltimore/Washington, DC, region. For decades, Baltimore has experienced great...
Jan 30, 2018
Nate Bearfield
Nate Bearfield's Journey From The Kitchen to the Classroom Nate Bearfield, a student at the DTS-DC campus, had a spectacular culinary career, but it eclipsed other aspects of his life. Now, as he studies in the MACE program, Nate desires...