Will Gough’s Wilderness Passage Ministry

A story about Wilderness Passage, a unique ministry headed by DTS grad Will Gough. Wilderness Passage is a challenging 6-day wilderness trek through the mountains of Boise, Idaho, which helps young men become men of God. This program is carefully designed to take young men beyond their perceived limits and take them on a spiritual challenge of being tested in the wilderness. This rite of passage course teaches young men much more than traversing over difficult terrain. It teaches them to live by faith.

Feb 1, 2018
Bernard FullerBernard Fuller
Dr. Bernard Fuller’s Message of Hope DTS graduate Dr. Bernard Fuller serves as Senior Pastor of New Song Bible Fellowship Church in the Baltimore/Washington, DC, region. For decades, Baltimore has experienced great...
Jan 30, 2018
Nate Bearfield
Nate Bearfield's Journey From The Kitchen to the Classroom Nate Bearfield, a student at the DTS-DC campus, had a spectacular culinary career, but it eclipsed other aspects of his life. Now, as he studies in the MACE program, Nate desires...