Young Life’s Origin at DTS

In 1941, Young Life was created while Jim Rayburn was a student at DTS. Young Life’s purpose was, and remains today, to introduce teens to Christ and help them grow in their faith. Meet DTS alum Brian Summerall who has been a Young Life Area Director in Dallas, Texas, for 23 years. Young Life is a dynamic ministry that reaches nearly one million youths annually.

Jul 12, 2018
Todd PhillipsTodd Phillips
Dr. Todd Phillips' Goal to Provide Clean Drinking Water to Liberia Through his ministry The Last Well, Dr. Todd Phillips, DTS Doctor of Ministry graduate, has set the ambitious goal of providing clean drinking water as well as eradicating...
Jun 7, 2018
Joshua J. BleekerJoshua J. Bleeker
Dr. Josh Bleeker - Serving Leaders in Washington, D.C. Dr. Josh Bleeker serves as professor and dean at the DTS Washington DC campus. His passion for God’s Word and love for DTS come together and result in “the best job in the...