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Minding the Gap: Orality, Memory, and the Gospels

How can a believer communicate effectively and retain the attention of a person who does not…
November 15, 2019

Mirror, Mirror on the Wall: Mirror-Reading Occasional Letters

Reading the New Testament, especially the Pauline letters, is like listening to one end of a…
November 8, 2019

Reflection of the Truth

Beholding the Word of God is like looking in a mirror. We see two things: We…
November 1, 2019

Four Leadership Virtues That Win Wars

Campbell, a graduate of Princeton, and later of Harvard Business School, was deployed as an officer…
October 28, 2019

Semester-Based Bible Reading Plan

Read the entire Bible in 10 minutes a day during the Fall, Spring, and Summer semesters…
September 27, 2019
Four men in a boat rowing in still water

Fishers of Men: Pursuing a Unique Calling

Recently, Pine Cove announced its founder, William T. (Bill) McKenzie, went to be with the Lord.…
August 30, 2019

The Most Magnificent Life

Several times a year, Dr. Swindoll preaches in chapel, including Seminary Preview Day, to encourage prospective…
August 23, 2019

A Call to Self-Reflective Action

Our nation’s latest tragedies raise many questions for all of us. However, a few things are…
August 9, 2019

Six Ways Our Identity Impacts Our Involvement with the Lost

After a cancelled flight, an overwhelmed airline agent did her best to rebook a long line…
August 9, 2019

Baby Bumped: Groaning with Creation

Looking for Love (Steve) God ripped me off. I knew it, and He knew it—or I thought…
August 2, 2019

Our Worth and Value Set Secure

  “Who am I?” we often ask. Are we defined by work or task? As we…
July 26, 2019

A Reflection of God's Grace

The pastor’s message on this particular Sunday morning had opened a floodgate of emotions my fourteen-year-old self…
July 19, 2019

A Christian without Community Is Like a Song without Melody

Growth in faith does not come about in vitro. It occurs in the womb of the church…
July 15, 2019

Forgiven: A Holistic Transformation

I remember vividly how I felt in that classroom at the Agriculture University. Pastor Okoch’s hatred…
July 12, 2019

Alive to Forward

To put it in a simple metaphor, before we came to Christ, the Bible teaches that all…
June 28, 2019

Shrimp Leadership and Other Lessons from Mamá

Many people have come to believe that leadership is about changing the world and only rare…
May 12, 2019

Ask Dr. Swindoll: Do You Have Any Advice for the Older, Nontraditional Student?

Several times a year, Dr. Swindoll preaches in chapel at DTS and engages in a question-and-answer…
April 12, 2019
Dr. Lightner looking at an audience while teaching

Stay the Course: Profile of Robert P. Lightner

Robert P. Lightner (ThM, 1959; ThD, 1964) remembered nothing of the Piper Tri-Pacer plane crash that…
April 5, 2019

From a Position of Brokenness

Throughout my life, pride has plagued me. It often shadows and colors my thoughts, ambitions, dreams,…
March 29, 2019

Pride and Humility at War: A Biblical Perspective

Pride, as a desirable attitude of successful living, is easier to think about because it is…
March 22, 2019

Let's Crown Character in Today's Culture

Former presidential speechwriter Peggy Noonan has written several fine books. One has a title that stands…
March 15, 2019
Professor at desk teaching students

What Kind of Character Does a Leader Need?

When Drs. Howard Hendricks (ThM, 1950) and Don Campbell (ThM, 1951; ThD, 1953) founded The Center for…
March 8, 2019

Achieving Our Highest Standard

There’s a question that always occurs to me as I read Jesus’s words in Matthew 10:25,…
March 1, 2019

Martin Luther King, Jr. Chapel Presidential Announcement 2019

  We at Dallas Theological Seminary want to be continually conscious of the sins of our…
January 21, 2019
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