Neil R. Coulter

Neil R. Coulter

Neil R. Coulter completed degrees in music performance and ethnomusicology from Wheaton College and Kent State University. He and his family lived in Papua New Guinea for twelve years, where Neil served as an ethnomusicology and arts consultant for Wycliffe Bible Translators. In 2015, he helped design and launch the PhD in World Arts at Dallas International University. He teaches doctoral courses in theory and ethnography at DIU’s Center for Excellence in World Arts. At DTS, he teaches about art, literature, film, and theology, and he is senior writer and editor of DTS Magazine. Neil is married to Joyce, and they have three sons.

Neil R. Coulter’s Contributions

Exodus ECS Test Video

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May 24, 2024

Dallas Theological Seminary Launches Three Major Scholarship Initiatives for Centennial Celebration

Seminary Strives to Ease Student Financial Burdens Dallas, TX: In celebration of the school’s centennial anniversary…
February 20, 2024

God Has Called You to Lead—Don’t Do It Alone

Learning to lead often feels lonely. The pathway can be obscured by uncertainty, ambiguity, and volatility…
February 16, 2024

DTS Launches the Billy Graham Scholar’s Program

From its beginning one hundred years ago, Dallas Theological Seminary has stood on the motto “Preach…
January 17, 2024

DTS Brand Refresh

The smell of fresh paint. The gleam of bright, clean walls. The atmosphere of a familiar,…
January 9, 2024

A Theological Conversation with AI: Michael J. Svigel’s The AItheist

Readers know the faculty of Dallas Theological Seminary as authors of some of the most insightful,…
December 22, 2023

DTS Faculty Authors Recognized with Book Awards

The Dallas Theological Seminary community knows the school’s faculty to be exemplary teachers, disciplers, and pioneering…
December 12, 2023
Strength and Flexibilty: The Dance of The Christian Witness

Strength and Flexibility: The Dance of Christian Witness

Strength and flexibility. Every dancer recognizes the importance of maintaining the proper balance of these postures.…
November 27, 2023
Supporting a Legacy of Especially Strong Women

Supporting A Legacy of Especially Strong Women

When Sheryl Lackey Reeves (MACE, 2015) decided to attend seminary, her mom, Elsie Sue Wiley, wasn’t…
November 27, 2023

God's Unexpected Invitation To Be Salt And Light In The Heart of Bucharest

God’s call to ministry is sometimes mysterious until we see the needs he prepared us to…
November 27, 2023

Salt And Light In The Cinema

Jesus’s stories invited his listeners to ponder “the truly good life.” In the stories, his listeners…
November 27, 2023
Andrew Mwumvaneza

International Alumnus Profile: Andrew Mwumvaneza

Andrew Mwumvaneza trained as a mechanical engineer in Rwanda, but then God called him into vocational…
October 26, 2023
Yonel Alcius

International Alumnus Profile: Yonel Alcius

Yonel Alcius’s career was decided for him at birth. As the firstborn son of the local…
October 18, 2023

Bill Hendricks on Legacy & Leadership

AN INTERVIEW BY NEIL R. COULTER & KRAIG MCNUTT Bill Hendricks is the Executive Director for…
October 5, 2023
Orphanage to Ministry

From an Orphanage to a Lifetime of Ministry & Beyond

Vindicate the oppressed and suffering. Rescue the poor and needy. Psalm 82:3-4 Having experienced the life…
October 5, 2023
Leadership in Houston DTS

Building Bridges, Cultivating Community: Leadership In Houston

LEADERSHIP EXAMPLES AT HOMEThe development of leaders begins in childhood. The qualities and character people bring…
October 5, 2023

Pandita Ramabai and Countercultural Love for the Powerless

Fulfilling our responsibility to love well often directs us to act counterculturally in a society that…
March 30, 2023

The Gift of Brotherly Love

Greg Hatteberg and Stephen Bramer have been best friends for over twenty-five years. Their paths crossed…
March 30, 2023

Introducing All Kids to Jesus: A Partnership between DTS and Young Life

Loving well means loving every generation and introducing all people to Jesus Christ. Many churches feature…
March 30, 2023

Greg和Stephen — 捐贈腎臟的友誼

Greg Hatteberg和Stephen Bramer已是超過25年的摯友。他們於1997年在達拉斯神學院相遇。Greg於1984年成為學生,後來在招生辦公室工作,現在擔任校友服務執行主任。Stephen在1992年前來DTS進修博士學位,經過在加拿大的事奉後,於1997年回到DTS擔任聖經部門教授。在DTS共事多年中,Greg和Stephen建立了一種兄弟情誼。當Stephen邀請Greg一起領導聖地旅遊時,這兩位兄弟的工作擴展到了校園之外,因為Greg已經多次去過那裡,並且與Charles Dyer博士合著了《基督徒聖地旅遊指南》(The Christian Traveler’s Guide to the Holy Land, 2014年現行版)。這兩位兄弟在困難時刻互相祈禱,包括Greg照顧妻子Sally(多發性硬化症患者),直到她在2018年去世。這一段的兄弟情誼充滿了笑聲、聖經研讀和對學生和同事的互相關心。 然而,在2022年初的一天午餐時,一次對話開始展現了令人驚嘆的兄弟之愛,從這兩位朋友身上輻射出來,彰顯出耶穌吩咐祂的門徒應該活出的那種愛:「我賜給你們一條新命令,乃是叫你們彼此相愛;我怎樣愛你們,你們也要怎樣相愛。你們若有彼此相愛的心,眾人因此就認出你們是我的門徒了。」(約翰福音13:34-35)。那天午餐時,Greg望著他的朋友說:「你看起來不太好,一切都還好嗎?」 「嗯,其實不太好,」Stephen說。「我的腎功能指數不理想,如果持續下降,我就需要新的腎臟。」 「我可以檢查一下是否與我的血型相符,」Greg回答道。「如果我是你的合適捐贈者,我會捐贈我的腎臟給你。」 Stephen感到震驚和不可思議,他知道這是一個非常嚴肅和危險的決定。但是,他也知道這正是真正的兄弟之愛,而Greg必須要為此做出如此偉大的犧牲。…
March 30, 2023

Remembering Dr. Aubrey Malphurs (1944–2022)

With sadness, the DTS family announces the passing of Dr. Aubrey Malphurs (ThM, 1978; PhD, 1981)…
January 11, 2023

Words and the Word in Papua New Guinea

TEACHING TRUTH IS A MULTILAYERED, MANY-FACETED STORY. The words of Scripture, as scribes and faithful followers…
November 8, 2022

The Kingdom Influence of One Missions-Focused Life

One life can make a difference for numerous lives around the world. In many ways, Rachel…
November 8, 2022

Dr. Daniel Wallace: The Worshipful Call to Learning, Teaching, and Learning Again

And then in 1997, I contracted encephalitis—a swelling of the brain—and lost most of my memory. My…
November 8, 2022

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