Learning to lead often feels lonely. The pathway can be obscured by uncertainty, ambiguity, and volatility as leaders seek to stay current with strategic skills while providing steady, consistent guidance for their organizations. But what if leadership development took place within a community that brings together encouragement from leaders of the past, guidance from current colleagues and experts, and a foundation of biblical wisdom? That’s the motivation behind Dallas Theological Seminary’s new Organizational Leadership cohort. To help leaders at any level—from senior-level C-suite leaders in business or ministry to nontraditional students on their way to strategic leadership roles—the cohort equips doctoral students at DTS with a comprehensive, proven, replicable strategy to bring new ideas to fruition and effect lasting change throughout organizations.

Students in this three-year cohort will complete three special seminars, in addition to their core doctoral coursework. Seminar topics cover essential foundations for organizational leadership, strategic leadership for organizations, and a final seminar in “advancing the organization.” Guest lecturers include Dr. Mark Yarbrough (president of DTS), Scott Miller (executive chairman of the board, Interstate Batteries), Todd Peterson (former NFL player), and others to be announced. Dr. Aaron Coe leads the cohort.

“The demands of a Christian in leadership are unrelenting,” says Dr. Coe. “Economic, political, and practical realities are always pressing in. Leadership decisions require wisdom and grace. This learning community will balance both the theological and practical aspects of leadership, aiming to equip the student with the tools needed to navigate our world.”

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Neil R. Coulter

Neil R. Coulter

Neil R. Coulter completed degrees in music performance and ethnomusicology from Wheaton College and Kent State University. He and his family lived in Papua New Guinea for twelve years, where Neil served as an ethnomusicology and arts consultant for Wycliffe Bible Translators. In 2015, he helped design and launch the PhD in World Arts at Dallas International University. He teaches doctoral courses in theory and ethnography at DIU’s Center for Excellence in World Arts. At DTS, he teaches about art, literature, film, and theology, and he is senior writer and editor of DTS Magazine. Neil is married to Joyce, and they have three sons.