Chapel Semester: Fall 2004 Chapels

Nov 12, 2004
Mark L. BaileyMark L. Bailey
Nov 11, 2004
Doug Duerksen
Soldiers in Christ

Maj. Doug Duerkson, Brigade Chaplain, US Army, relays a comparative look at service to the military and service to God.

Nov 5, 2004
Alan Andrews
Advancing the Gospel through Spiritual Generations

Mr. Alan Andrews, president of the Navigators, speaks about living and discipling among the lost.

Nov 4, 2004
John Vicary
Young Life's Answer to the Questions Facing Kids

Mr. John Vicary, senior vice president for the Southern Division of Young Life, shares with us that Young Life goes where kids are to build relationships and introduce...

Nov 3, 2004
Alec Hill
Legacy and Vision

Mr. Alec Hill, president and CEO of InterVarsity, shares with us about Intervarsity's legacies and dreams for the future.

Nov 2, 2004
Crawford LorittsCrawford Loritts
Experiencing God's Power

Dr. Crawford Loritts, Associate US Director of Campus Crusade for Christ, shares with us that the Holy Spirit is the key to authentic Christianity and effective ministry. ...

Oct 29, 2004
Maurice Pugh
Testimony of a Church Planter Join as Maurice Pugh, pastor of South Arlington Community Church, shares his testimony of church planting.
Oct 27, 2004
Vern Streeter
Compassionate Risk

Join us as Rev. Vern Streeter, pastor of Harvest Church, Billings, Montana, shares that God's compassion and presence should compel us to take significant risks.

Oct 19, 2004
Leroy Armstrong
Oct 15, 2004
Charles R. SwindollCharles R. Swindoll
Leadership Perils

Dr. Charles Swindoll, Chancellor of DTS, shares with us about the blindspots that can hinder a leader's effectiveness.

Oct 13, 2004
Pete Chiofalo
One Steward's Story

Join us as Pastor Pete Chiofalo of Hillside Community Church in Keller, Texas tells us of his testimony on becoming a steward and a supporter of DTS.

Oct 8, 2004
Charles Zimmerman
Oct 7, 2004
Charles Zimmerman
Oct 6, 2004
Charles Zimmerman
Oct 5, 2004
Charles Zimmerman
Oct 1, 2004
Steven Ger
The Fall Feasts of Israel

Mr. Steven Ger, founder and director of Sojourner Ministries in Garland, Texas, presents the message that Jesus is the fulfillment of Israel's fall feasts.

Sep 29, 2004
Joye B. BakerJoye B. Baker
Women and Men Glorifying God Together

Ms. Joye Baker, adviser to women students at Dallas Theological Seminary, communicates that God has created women and men to serve together in complementary ways as godly...

Sep 24, 2004
Thomas E. Woodward
The Citadel of Apologetics Dr. Thomas Woodward, Professor of Bible and Theology at Trinity College, Trinity, Florida, communicates that all the elements of apologetics can be summed up in the nutshell:...
Sep 23, 2004
Terry Turner
A Diligent Testimony

Join us as Rev. Terry Turner, senior pastor of Mesquite Friendship Baptist church, talks about the difficulty of communicating God's word clearly in our present world.

Sep 21, 2004
Matthew St. John
My Place of Shelter

Join us as Rev. Matthew St. John, pastor of Scofield Memorial Church in Dallas, speaks about his choice to call to God when worldly travails cause him to want to run and hide....

Sep 17, 2004
James Walker
Paul's Psychic Friend

Rev. James Walker, president of Watchman Fellowship, relates how the apostle Paul's encounter with a psychic provides some key insights and principles when applied to today's...

Sep 14, 2004
Bob Kaumeyer
Repetition, Proportion, Priority

Rev. Bob Kaumeyer, director of Placement at DTS, shares with us from the book of Haggai about the importance of repetition, proportion, and priority.

Sep 7, 2004
Stephen J. BramerStephen J. Bramer
Washing Feet Like Jesus

Dr. Stephen Bramer, professor of Bible Exposition, speaks on how Godly servant-leaders must be willing to serve others to the extent that they are willing to forgive others.

Sep 3, 2004
Jeffrey BinghamJeffrey Bingham
Visiting Paul

Dr. Jeffery Bingham Chair/Professor of Theological Studies gives us a message from 2 Timothy.