Steven Ger

Apr 3, 2012
Steven Ger
A Portrait of Christ in the Passover Mr. Steven Ger, Founder, Sojourner Ministries, Garland, TX, a fourth generation Jewish Christian, reveals the unleavened Messiah: A portrait of Christ in the passover.
Dec 1, 2009
Steven Ger
Embrace the Jewishness of Your Congregation Jewish Christian Steven Ger talks about ways the church can celebrate the continued existence of the “remnant of Israel” as a wonderful example of God’s grace and...
Jul 7, 2006
Steven Ger
The Undying Flame: Christ the Light in Hanukkah Each year as winter approaches and we prepare to celebrate the birth of the King of the Jews, we often remain oblivious to the companion holiday of the season, Hanukkah. Did you...
Oct 1, 2004
Steven Ger
The Fall Feasts of Israel

Mr. Steven Ger, founder and director of Sojourner Ministries in Garland, Texas, presents the message that Jesus is the fulfillment of Israel's fall feasts.