Amanda DeWitt

Amanda DeWitt (MAMC, 2009) serves as a writer and digital strategist for the development team at Josh McDowell Ministry. She also enjoys freelance writing, public speaking, and serving with her husband who’s a Texas high school football coach.

Sep 9, 2016
Amanda DeWittAmanda DeWitt
3 Essential Instructions You Need to Overcome the Uncertainty and the Unknowns of Leadership I still remember the first time I slipped out of my chair and stood at the head of a boardroom table. The women before me were leaders, mentors, and trailblazers in my profession....
May 29, 2013
Amanda DeWittAmanda DeWitt
5 Ways to Reach Out to the Intellectually Disabled When I first met Lisa, a national sign-language artist who knew more songs than my iPod contained, I looked forward to forming a friendship. But I was unsure of what to say around...