Bill Peel

Bill Peel

Dr. Bill Peel is an award-winning author and a leader in the global faith-at-work movement. He is a co-founder of the Faith@Work Summit that gathers business, academic, and ministry leaders from around the world to collaborate and learn from each other and CEO of the 24Seven Project. He speaks at churches and conferences, and consults with individuals, churches, and business leaders to help Christians bring their faith to bear in every area of their lives.

Bill Peel’s Contributions

Becoming a Spiritual Influence at Work

In this episode, Bill Hendricks and Dr. Bill Peel, CEO of 24Seven discuss the importance of…
April 6, 2021

Take Your Faith to Work

Bill Peel (ThM, 1976), executive director of LeTourneau University’s Center for Faith and Work, describes three…
January 23, 2013

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