Brian P. Gault

Dr. Gault loves sharing with students about God’s glorious deeds in the Old Testament, most importantly His mission to redeem His people, restore their access to His presence, and renew their broken relationship with Him. He takes special delight in teaching Hebrew language and exegesis, particularly in Wisdom Literature. Dr. Gault has written articles on Job, Ecclesiastes, and Song of Songs, and he is currently working on commentaries on Esther and Song of Songs. Before joining the DTS faculty, Dr. Gault taught for 10 years at Columbia Biblical Seminary (SC). He and his wife, Cara, have two beautiful daughters (Charissa, Maria) and one very active little boy (Isaiah).

Brian P. Gault’s Contributions

Celebrating the Centennial: Remembering God’s Great Deeds in Scripture

God’s people had been in exile, with no king or temple, for seventy years (Jer 25:12;…
March 8, 2024

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