Carisa A. Ash

Dr. Carisa Ash enjoys helping others explore how to think theologically about studies, vocation, and life. She spent 11 years serving in the area of Academic Advising. Dr. Carisa Ash passed away in September 2021.

Carisa A. Ash’s Publication Articles

  • “Kenneth O. Gangel: A True Educational Leader.” Christian Education Journal (3:2:1). 2004.
  • “Howard G. Hendricks: A Teacher Who Changes Lives.” Christian Education Journal (3:2:1). 2004.
  • “Unilateral and Bilateral Brain Hemispheric Advantage on Visual Matching Tasks and Their Relationship to Styles of Religiosity.” Journal of Psychology and Theology 1996.

Carisa A. Ash’s Contributions

Carisa Ash smiling and looking at the camera

Stay, Observe, and Praise!

Dr. Carisa Ash, director of International Student Services and Services for Students with Disabilities, acknowledges the…
August 1, 2018

The Juvenilization of American Christianity

Thomas E. Bergler
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