Djaba Nyakotey

Robert “Djaba” Nyakotey 


Robert is from Somanya, Ghana, West Africa. He studied at the University of Ghana and the Ghana School of Law. 

He earned a living as a schoolteacher in High School, teaching English, Literature in English and French. He subsequently worked as a consultant at the Ghana Stock Exchange, training Authorized Dealing Officers (ADOs) and Directors of brokerage firms in Law and Finance under a United Nations Development Program (UNDP) project. 

In his spare time in Ghana, he follows global affairs and soccer and as a hobby he grows a teakwood forest. 

He has been in Christian ministry for the past four decades, as a Pastor, Youth Missionary, Missions Executive with Awana Clubs International, responsible for 22 countries in West and Central Africa over a period of seventeen (17) years.  Since 2006, he has followed God’s lead to be a church planter southeast of Ghana.  Today, a testimony to God’s leading is Shiloh Baptist Church which Robert founded and where he serves as the senior pastor, and where teenagers are trained to be teachers of God’s word. 

Djaba Nyakotey’s Contributions

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