Elizabeth M. Oates

Elizabeth Oates earned her undergraduate degree from Baylor University and her MACE with a focus in marriage and family studies from DTS in 2005. She has authored several books, including Dealing with Divorce: Finding Direction When Your Parents Split Up (Zondervan). Elizabeth lives in the suburbs of Waco, Texas with her husband, Brandon, and their four children.

Elizabeth M. Oates’s Contributions

Mending Broken Branches: When God Reclaims Your Dysfunctional Family Tree

The television blared in the background of an otherwise quiet home. I was only nine years…
November 23, 2018
DTS alum Elizabeth Oates looking at someone out of view

Elizabeth Oates, Director of Divorce Recovery Ministry

Elizabeth Oates (MACE, 2005) is passionate about the good health of marriage and family. Together with…
March 8, 2011

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