Eric Mason

Mar 14, 2017
Bryan CarterBryan CarterElizabeth WoodsonElizabeth WoodsonEric MasonEric MasonDarrell L. BockDarrell L. Bock
The Church's Role in Racial Reconciliation In this episode, Dr. Darrell Bock and Eric Mason, Elizabeth Woodson and Bryan Carter discuss the church’s role in biblical racial reconciliation.
Dec 7, 2016
Eric MasonEric Mason
Woke Church Dr. Eric Mason, Lead Pastor of Epiphany Fellowship in Philadelphia, PA, communicates through Scripture the relationship Jesus establishes between justice and intimacy with a...
Jul 14, 2011
Eric MasonEric Mason
Dr. Eric Mason, church co-founder and lead pastor in Philadelphia Dr. Eric Mason’s (ThM, 2000) multi-ethnic church embraces the unreached mission field of inner-city Philadelphia. Eric’s hope is to develop disciples that are able to minister...
Oct 28, 2008
Eric MasonEric Mason
Urban Church Planting Dr. Eric Mason, Lead Pastor of Epiphany Fellowship Church, discusses the importance of church planting. He also shows a special video presentation.