Ingrid Skop

Dr. Ingrid Skop, M.D., FACOG, is a board-certified OB/GYN who has practiced in Texas for nearly 30 years, delivering more than 5,000 babies.  Unfortunately, she also has firsthand experience treating women for complications of the abortion pill, including performing emergency surgery on a woman who showed up at her emergency room earlier this year after bleeding for more than a month.  Dr. Skop’s extensive research on the harms caused by the abortion pill, as well as the real-world data ignored by the FDA, formed the basis of the primary scientific amicus brief filed in the Alliance for Hippocratic Medicine v. FDA chemical abortion lawsuit.  Dr. Skop is the Lozier Institute’s Senior Fellow and Director of Medical Affairs, while continuing to work as an obstetric hospitalist at a local hospital in San Antonio.

Ingrid Skop’s Contributions

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July 18, 2023

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