Joytish Singh

Joy and Janice have been married for almost fifteen years and have one daughter, eight year old Isabella. Originally from New Delhi, India, he plans on leading his home church, Delhi Bible Fellowship, as their lead pastor. What he likes most about preaching is the deep dive into the word and digging up pearls that inspire awe in him, and then, with the same awe and enthusiasm, preaching it to others to see the power of God’s word implanted by His Spirit, bringing transformation. His best memories of his time here at DTS include sitting in Dr. Wallace’s 101 and 102 classes and hearing him say, “remember who we are doing this for,” eating dessert at Dr. Bock’s house for his Life of Christ class, and enjoying the Advanced Preaching Class with those who are passionate about preaching, learning, and encouraging each other. 

Joytish Singh’s Contributions

Senior Preaching Week: Woe, I am Not Fit

Joytish Singh speaks about how God transforms personal inadequacies to serve him when he calls and…
April 29, 2021
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