Mikel Del Rosario

Mikel Del Rosario (ThM, 2016; PhD, 2022) is a Professor of Bible and Theology at Moody Bible Institute. While at DTS, he served as project manager for cultural engagement at the Hendricks Center, producing and hosting The Table podcast. You can find him online at ApologeticsGuy.com, the Apologetics Guy YouTube channel, and The Apologetics Guy Show podcast.

Mikel Del Rosario’s Contributions

Your Work as Ministry

Do you see your work as a ministry? Unless you’re a pastor, missionary or an employee…
July 15, 2014

Weakness in Ministry

Ever feel discouraged by weaknesses in your ministry? You’re not alone. Many pastors and Christian leaders…
July 1, 2014
Is Religion Evil

Is Religion Evil?

Many say that the problem of evil is the strongest reason to reject a belief in…
June 17, 2014
Why Does God Allow Evil

Why Does God Allow Evil?

What do we need to know in order to better engage a skeptical culture—especially when so…
June 3, 2014

Recommended: When Helping Hurts

When Helping Hurts presents foundational concepts about poverty from a distinctly Christian worldview, focusing on key…
May 30, 2014
Was Mark’s Gospel Forged

Was Mark’s Gospel Forged?

Was Mark’s gospel an ancient forgery? That’s the idea that liberal scholars sometimes express about many…
May 27, 2014

Sexuality and the College Hookup Culture

One of the things that came out of this discussion was how a value of personal…
May 7, 2014

Recommended: Business for the Common Good

Business is a calling to transformational service for the common good.
April 29, 2014

3 Cultural Engagement Lessons from Acts 17

But Paul didn’t get flustered or defensive. He didn’t show up with a spiritual chip on…
April 15, 2014

Your Work- Is it More than a Paycheck?

How do our professional lives relate to our discipleship? For some believers, the concept of discipleship…
April 1, 2014

5 Tips for Visiting People in the Hospital

Here are just five tips to help you prepare for visiting someone in the hospital.
March 11, 2014

When Jerusalem Meets Main Street

If you’re a pastor or Christian leader, you might already see the need to equip believers…
February 28, 2014
Did Jesus Fake His Miracles

Did Jesus Fake His Miracles?

When it comes to reported miracles, some skeptics are quick to say, “Miracles just don’t happen.”…
February 25, 2014

Christian Ambassadors in a Post-Christian World

How should we as Christians see ourselves in the context of a post-Christian culture?
February 11, 2014

7 Key Differences Between Protestant and Catholic Doctrine

While both Protestants and Catholics agree on who Jesus is, there are seven key issues which…
January 28, 2014

How to Help Someone in an Abusive Relationship

What would you say if a woman at your church told you that she was being…
January 14, 2014
Did Luke Get The Christmas Story Wrong

Did Luke Get The Christmas Story Wrong?

For many Christians, Luke’s account of Jesus’ birth is a familiar and well-loved passage rather than…
December 24, 2013

3 Simple Ways to Respond to Human Trafficking

Many people who want to get involved in preventing human trafficking and caring for victims around…
December 13, 2013

When Your Family Doesn't Believe

Got a skeptical family member? Don’t give up on them!
November 26, 2013
Are the Creation Accounts in Genesis 1 and 2 Different Stories

Are the Creation Accounts in Genesis 1 and 2 Different Stories?

One challenge that sometimes arises concerning the veracity of the Bible relates to the creation accounts…
November 12, 2013

Putting Reason In Its Place

Have you ever heard a Christian reject the whole idea of making a case for Christianity…
October 29, 2013
Dr. Bock and Mikel Del Rosario recording The Table podcast

Church Lessons from Non-Protestant Countries

Dr. Darrell Bock, Shane Angland, Mikel Del Rosario, and Cesar Restrepo discuss international perspectives on cultural…
October 22, 2013
Dr. Bock and guests recording The Table podcast

Younger International Views on American Christianity

Dr. Darrell Bock, Shane Angland, Mikel Del Rosario, and Cesar Restrepo discuss international perspectives on cultural…
October 15, 2013

Talking with Your Kids about Sex

In today’s sex-saturated world, it seems like children are exposed to dysfunctional ideas about sexuality at…
October 1, 2013

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