Robin Harris

Dr. Robin Harris served for decades in cross-cultural contexts, including ten years in northern Russia. She earned MAs in Intercultural Studies and Ethnomusicology and completed her PhD in Music/Ethnomusicology from University of Georgia Athens in 2012. In addition to serving as Chair of Dallas International University’s Center for Excellence in World Arts and as a visiting professor at DTS, she speaks at colleges and conferences about World Arts and its application to cross-cultural work. She also serves as the President of the Evangelical Missiological Society (EMS) and President of the Global Ethnodoxology Network (GEN), a global network for arts and mission workers that she helped to launch in 2003. 

Her publications include co-editing “Worship and Mission for the Global Church:  An Ethnodoxology Handbook,” and Storytelling in Siberia: The Olonkho Epic in a Changing World.”   

Robin Harris’s Contributions

Ethnodoxology: The Praise of the People

Dr. Robin Harris, president of Global Ethnodoxology Network in Dallas, TX, explains the application of ethnodoxology…
September 23, 2021

Dallas Theological Seminary

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