Sundeep Malickal

Sundeep hails from Mumbai, India, and came to the United States as an International student. In India, he had a teaching career at a University of Mumbai affiliated college and later worked as a business consultant for two Big-4 Accounting firms. He holds a Bachelor’s degree in Management Studies, a Master’s in Social Work, and M.Phil. in Planning & Development. He graduated from Dallas Theological Seminary (DTS) with a Master’s in Theology (Th.M). He serves as a Campus Minister with International Students Inc. at the University of Texas at Dallas (UTD).   


Sundeep and his wife became followers of Christ while studying in India and are burdened to see thousands of international students on the campuses in North America and desire that each one of them may know and experience the love of Jesus because the Kingdom of God will have people “from every nation, from all tribes and peoples and languages” (Rev 7:9). Both of their backgrounds give them a unique opportunity to reach out to the international student population with the love of Christ. They have two daughters – Pauline, who just started high school, and Abigail, who is in third grade and both are a great help to the international student ministry.   

Sundeep Malickal’s Contributions

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