Timothy Warren

Timothy S. Warren

When Dr. Warren teaches pastoral ministries he draws from decades of personal experience. After serving as a chaplain’s assistant in the U.S. Army and the Texas Air National Guard, he pastored churches in Texas and Ohio. He has held the position of adult ministry associate at his home church for twenty-five years, has taught a men’s Bible study at the Cooper Aerobic Center for more than thirty years, and maintains an active speaking, writing, and teaching schedule.

Timothy S. Warren’s Publication Articles

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  • “The Place of Pastoral Wisdom in Application, Part 2.” PreachingToday.com 2005.
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Timothy S. Warren’s Contributions

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December 14, 2005

Practiced Learned Faith

Dr. Timothy Warren, Professor of Pastoral Ministries, encourages believers who will undoubtedly face opposition.
January 1, 1999

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