Vocab Malone

VOCAB MALONE holds a Master’s from Phoenix Seminary and has engaged in post-grad work at both Talbot and Trinity. Vocab’s ministry focus is urban contextualized apologetics. He hosts a livestream show across various social media platforms, The Street Apologist. 


Vocab has participated in many public debates and dialogues with Muslims, atheists, Kemetics, the Eastern Orthodox, and especially “Hebrew Israelites”. He’s the author of a book on the history and beliefs of 1West Hebrew Israelism and a contributing author to “Our God is Triune: Essays in Biblical Theology”, and a freelance contributor for a few apologetics print publications. 


Vocab enjoys geek culture and Christian hip hop. He resides in downtown Phoenix, Arizona. 

Vocab Malone’s Contributions

Religions:  Engaging with Black Hebrew Israelites

In this episode, Dr. Del Rosario and Vocab Malone discuss the Black Hebrew Israelite religion, focusing…
February 15, 2022

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