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The Changing Face of the Executive Pastor Role by David Fletcher (ThM 1985, DMin 2004) from CT Are There Many Ways to God? by David Graieg (ThM 2012) from TGC Longings of My Soul that Nothing on Earth Can Satisfy by Ken Gire (ThM 1978) from Bible Gateway Scholar Who Made the Bible Kid-Friendly by Lawrence Richards (ThM 1962) #MeToo : Just Another Trend? by Dr. Sandra Glahn from 15th Anniversary of Center for the Study of New Testament Manuscripts by Dan Wallace from CSNTM One-third of religious Jews are Christians by Michael Vowell (ThM 2009) from WNG First-Ever Documentary Directed by Active Duty Soldier Sets Release by Justin Roberts (MAMC 2007) What are some risks of planting a church in an urban environment? by Dhati Lewis (MACM 2008) from ERLC What it feels like to grieve a mass shooting by Destiny Teasley (Las Vegas Student) from Fathom From “Coppell Baseball Star” to “Coppell Lead Pastor” by Chad Kettler (ThM 2018) Technology and the Spiritual Life by John Dyer from Lifeway Storm: Radical. Reformer. Monk. Lover. The Surprising Story of Martin Luther by Reg Grant from Point of View The Qur’an From a Christian Perspective by Daniel Wallace from Probe A Sad Home-Going for Three Saints by Dan Wallace Bible Study Fellowship Rewrites the Rulebook by Darrell Bock from Christianity Today How Rich Mullins Changed the Way We Worship by Ian Kissell (ThM 2016) from Relevant Grace and The Rise of Islam by Sandra Glahn, Glenn Kreider, and Jennie Allen from IF:Equip Ancient Sources, Timeless Wisdom by Kelley Mathews (ThM 2000) from BSM Review: Turning Points in the History of American Evangelicalism by Daniel Roeber (ThM 2012) from AAR The Warehouse That's Saving a Milwaukee Neighborhood by Nick Ringger (ThM 1996) from Forbes Black Christians with White Pastors Seek a Reckoning on Race by Jurrita Williams (ThM 2019) from WNYC So Many Disasters! How to Respond? by Dr. Sandra Glahn (ThM 2001) from Dr. Andrea Phillips Joins Lee University by Andrea Phillips (MABS 1999)

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