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Rockwall Organization Brings Human Trafficking Awareness Presentation To Emory by Rebecca Jowers (MACE 2012) Living with Longing by Jenny McGill from Fathom Don’t Lose Heart: Why It’s Worth It to Fight for Racial Harmony Even When We Don’t See Progress by Eric Mason from TGC How to Make a Faux Apology by John Onwuchekwa (MACE 2009) from TGC 7 Things to NEVER Say to a Depressed Christian by Michael Patton (ThM 2001) from ChurchLeaders Voice for the Voiceless by Michael Breznau Why Gather on Sunday? by Michael Breznau (ThM 2011) Innovation and Startup Mentality in Mission by Paul Dzubinski (ThM 1988) No solamente leas solo by Brian Wright from TGC Foster Care: More Than I Can Handle by Zach Lambert (ThM 2013) What Do Academia, Pop Culture and Television Production Have in Common? by Malachy Williams (ThM 2004) from Talbot Gold and Global Inequality at the Winter Olympics by Jenny McGill (MACM 2002) Read the Bible with Someone: 4 Benefits of Studying in Community by Brian J. Wright (ThM 2010) from Desiring God Poem: A Silhouette Of Marriage by Dr. Jenny McGill (MACM 2002) The Power of Being ‘Known’ By God by Dave Furman from Relevant Interview with Jennie Allen on Writing and IF:Gathering by Jennie Allen from ATX Woman The Truth About Weakness by Dave Furman (ThM 2017) from Preaching Avoiding Common Mistakes Pastors Make When Preparing to Preach God’s Word by Chuck Swindoll from Church Leaders Life is Precious by Sandra Glahn from MLT The Church Needs a Masterclass in How to Apologize for Sexual Assault by Abby Perry (MBTS Student) from CPC Evangelical Christianity: Returning to a Third Way in a Whacky, Polarized World by Darrell Bock from CP Heather Zimmerman Wins the Keith Willhite Award from the Evangelical Homiletics Society by Heather Zimmerman (ThM 2016) from EHS Sermon: Invitation to an Advent Conspiracy by Vic Anderson from Center Point Church Faces of Faith: Engaging culture and community by Ed Marcelle (MABS 1996)

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