Magazine Issue: Fall 2014

DTS Yesterday and Tomorrow

From eleventh-hour contributions to disappearing typewriters, DTS’s president and academic dean review ninety years of God’s…
September 12, 2014

Crossing the Great Wall into China

DTS has had an unprecedented role in shaping China’s view of what defines a real Christian…
September 5, 2014

DTS Alumni Earn Book Award Nominations

Books by three DTS alumni were finalists for Christian Retailing’s 2014 awards. Nominations came from those…
September 1, 2014

DTS Grad Born 115 Years Ago Continues to Give

The Aldrich family’s legacy of faith continues through their investment in the training of future Christian…
September 1, 2014

God’s Work: DTS around the World

With the expansion of DTS’s extensions and programs abroad, the reach of God’s Word continues to…
September 1, 2014

The Tablecloth of Grace

With a little imagination, we can picture a familiar scene in the king’s royal residence. Gold…
September 1, 2014

And Then We Saw the Storks: God's Loyal Love and DTS

Because of observed devotion to their young, storks suggested to the faith community something of the…
September 1, 2014

Walking Stories of God's Provision through the Decades

DTS celebrated its 90th anniversary this year. The Seminary's story is a testament to God's provision…
September 1, 2014

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