Colossians 2

Sep 20, 2017
Joseph D. FantinJoseph D. Fantin
Colossians (Brazos Theological Commentary on the Bible) Although the volumes in the Brazos Theological Commentary series are generally written by theologians, this book is written by a scholar whose primary expertise is Old Testament...
Sep 5, 2014
J. Kerby AndersonJ. Kerby Anderson
Friday Forum With Kerby Anderson Kerby Anderson, President and National Director of Probe Ministries, speaks on the influence of media and its challenges for ministry.
Sep 15, 2013
Rick Griffith in Singapore: A Perspective from Overseas Dr. Rick Griffith racks up a lot of air miles. He’s the Doctor of Ministry director at Singapore Bible College, where he has taught Bible, theology, and preaching for...
Sep 15, 2013
Mark Engelthaler
Sabbath Thoughts from a Pastor on Sabbatical Mark Engelthaler (ThM, 1984; DMin, 1994) discusses the meaning of Sabbath rest for modern ministers and believers.
Book Excerpts
Feb 6, 2012
Jeff KinleyJeff Kinley
Christian Zombie Killers Handbook Chapter 8: Zombie Rules Excerpt taken from the book The Christian Zombie Killers Handbook by Jeff Kinley, courtesy of Thomas Nelson, Inc. The true hypocrite is the one who...
Spiritual Life
Aug 15, 2011
Barb Peil
Free at Last: Sidebar Those who know Christ have come to know the truth that sets us free. We are… Free of sin’s ultimate consequences through God’s forgiveness (Col....
Dec 1, 2009
Steven Ger
Embrace the Jewishness of Your Congregation Jewish Christian Steven Ger talks about ways the church can celebrate the continued existence of the “remnant of Israel” as a wonderful example of God’s grace and...
Public Square
Jul 7, 2006
Ramesh RichardRamesh Richard
Divine Meaning in Natural Disaster On this rainy October day (8, 2005) in Costa Rica, I am overwhelmed as CNN scrolls news about natural disasters on several fronts...
Jul 7, 2006
For What Would You Wish? “One wish…anything.” If you are a kid, or a parent of one, you might think this was a line from the film Aladdin. In that story, the genie, who was awakened from a...
Jul 7, 2006
Charles R. SwindollCharles R. Swindoll
Our Worth in Christ Where do you find your significance? I mean, honestly, what is it that bolsters your sense of “worth” in this world. Is it your boat? Your grandkids? How about your expanding...
Book Excerpts
Jul 7, 2006
Perimeters of Light Every culture and every age presents a challenge for each community of faith. What is acceptable? What is scriptural? Answering these questions has never been an easy task.