Scripture: Philippians 3

Pressing On – Mark Bailey

Dr. Mark Bailey serves as the Chancellor of Dallas Theological Seminary. Today he shares coaching tips…
September 12, 2023

A Good Word: καυχάομαι – To take pride in, Boast

A few years ago, my son Theo got a summer job selling a particular brand of…
March 1, 2023
Exterior brick wall with planters engraved with Dallas Theological Seminary on North Lawn of campus

A Prayer for President Joe Biden, Vice President Kamala Harris, and the New Administration of the United States of America

Dear Holy and Righteous God, We come to you today through the name of Christ our…
January 20, 2021
African Huts

Longing for Home

In East Africa, when people want to know where you live, they always ask, “Where do…
January 6, 2021
man standing at podium speaking at DTS Chapel

Imitate Me

Dr. Paul Pettit, director of Career Services, encourages believers to find role models who point them…
August 13, 2019

Six Ways Our Identity Impacts Our Involvement with the Lost

After a cancelled flight, an overwhelmed airline agent did her best to rebook a long line…
August 9, 2019
Dr. Bock recording The Table podcast

Who God Says You Are

In this episode, Drs. Darrell L. Bock and Klyne Snodgrass discuss identity, focusing on the biblical…
September 18, 2018
Dr. Bock and Dr. Kreider recording The Table podcast

Eschatology in the Nicene Creed

In this episode, Drs. Darrell L. Bock and Glenn Kreider discuss the Nicene Creed, focusing on…
December 5, 2017
Dr. Bock and guest recording The Table podcast

Money, Greed, and Generosity

In this episode, Dr. Darrell Bock and Brian Rosner discuss a biblical perspective on money, greed,…
April 4, 2017

A Lasting Obedience

Dr. Robert Garippa, Vice President for Student Services and Dean of Students, asserts an unwavering faith…
March 30, 2017

I Don't See You as a Black Friend

Shouldn't we all just be color blind and see past race and ethnicity? Or is that…
July 7, 2016

Hungry Appetites and Holy Affections: 4 Gospel Truths to Combat Food Addiction

People with eating disorders, disordered eating patterns, and body image struggles fill our churches. And what…
November 1, 2015

Don't Fake It

Dr. Charles Swindoll, Chancellor of Dallas Theological Seminary and Senior Pastor of Stonebriar Community Church, gives…
January 14, 2015

Cultivating a Life of Intimacy

Dr. Charles Swindoll, Chancellor of Dallas Theological Seminary and Senior Pastor of Stonebriar Community Church, speaks…
September 2, 2014

Glimpses of Grace: Treasuring the Gospel in Your Home

Excerpted from Glimpses of Grace: Treasuring the Gospel in Your Home, by Gloria Furman (MA/CE, 2007). Today’s…
December 30, 2013
My Determined Purpose

My Determined Purpose

A couple of years after Cynthia and I were married, I had my military obligation to…
June 1, 2012

Free at Last: Sidebar

Those who know Christ have come to know the truth that sets us free. We are……
August 15, 2011
The Sanctuary of Suffering

The Sanctuary of Suffering

In the past few months our world has seen children left without parents, homes destroyed, and…
July 7, 2006
Spiritual Olympics

Spiritual Olympics

Few activities excite us more than watching our favorite athletes speed across the finish line or…
July 7, 2006

Stay the Course

I’m jogging once again. Not serious marathon type running (not me!)…I’m just getting up a little…
July 7, 2006

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