Samuel Chia

Samuel P. Chia

Before joining DTS in 2008, Dr. Chia taught at Chung Yuan Christian University and served as an adjunct professor with several seminaries in Hong Kong, Taiwan, and the United States. Through his experience as a lead pastor and interactions with the Chinese Christian community in Asia and North America, Dr. Chia has developed a passion for seminarians by inspiring them to study God’s Word in the original languages and by equipping them to be responsible interpreters of God’s word and servant-leaders to His church. Dr. Chia encourages Chinese seminarians to work together on the task of improving Chinese translations of the Bible. He and his wife have one son.

Samuel P. Chia’s Publication Articles

  • ““Worship as Foundation of New Testament Ethics: A Reflection on Some New Testament Passages.”.” (21). 2008. 19-34.
  • “The Role of Eschatology in Paul’s Ethics.” Sino-Christian Studies 2007. 38–59.
  • “Bible and Culture: A Symposium in Commemoration of the 100th Birth Anniversary of Professor Zhu Weizhe.” 2007. 48-59.
  • “The Authorship of 2 Thessalonians: Is Pseudonymity a better Alternative?.” Jian Dao 2006. 1-24.
  • “Ephesians and Colossians: Biblical Foundation Series.” Center for Chinese Biblical Education 1996.

Samuel P. Chia’s Contributions

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