Proverbs 13

Spiritual Life
Aug 2, 2019
Steve SelkeSteve Selke
Baby Bumped: Groaning with Creation Looking for Love (Steve) God ripped me off. I knew it, and He knew it—or I thought we did. I wanted the companionship of marriage, and waiting for “the one” stretched...
Mar 5, 2019
Jonathan MorrowJonathan MorrowMikel Del RosarioMikel Del Rosario
Preparing Christian Students for College In this episode, Mikel Del Rosario and Jonathan Morrow discuss preparing Christian students for college, focusing on Generation Z.
Nov 19, 2013
Howard G. HendricksHoward G. Hendricks
Have a Sense of Purpose in Your Leadership Leadership Checkpoint: Do you have the stamina to defend and stay in the trenches? Though he is no longer with us, the words of Howard Hendricks stay with us and challenge...
Mar 1, 2008
Paul R. Anderson
The Impromptu Tongue God is concerned about the smallest details of our lives, including how we use that tiny member—the tongue. James’s epistle provides four powerful images to remind us of how...
Jul 7, 2006
In The Word Whether dealing with greed or generosity, laziness or work, the Bible has a lot to say about how we handle our resources—our energy, our money, our time. What exactly does it...
Jul 7, 2006
Charles R. SwindollCharles R. Swindoll
We Do Have Something To Say! Three little boys were bragging about their fathers. In the course of the dialogue the content turned to the quantity and depth of their dads’ knowledge. The first boy said,...
Jul 7, 2006
Timothy S. WarrenTimothy S. Warren
What does the Bible Say About Gambling? Just say the word “gambling,” and I see…not green, not red, not black or white, but gray. Since the Bible neither commands nor explicitly prohibits gambling, Christians must...