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Public Square
Nov 11, 2019
John AlbersJohn Albers
Serving All People Groups Col John Albers, USMC (Ret) and CEO of the Albers Group LLC in McKinney, TX, discusses his own experience in the US Marine Corps and challenges believers to recognize the unique...
Apr 7, 2015
Sue G. EdwardsSue G. Edwards
Don't Ring the Bell Dr. Sue Edwards, Associate Professor of Educational Ministries and Leadership, teaches on 10 guidelines for ministry training based on skills learned through Navy Seal Training.
Nov 25, 2014
Justin RobertsJustin RobertsDarrell L. BockDarrell L. Bock
The Ministry of a Military Chaplain In this episode, Dr. Darrell Bock and Justin Roberts discuss the military chaplaincy, focusing on the role of a military chaplain and the film, The Hornet’s Nest.
Nov 7, 2014
Hans W. FinzelHans W. Finzel
Maximum Deployment: Where Will Your Feet Take You? Dr. Hans Finzel, President of HDLeaders and President Emeritus of WorldVenture, asks us to consider how we will choose our maximum deployment in the world of opportunities that lie...
Nov 10, 2011
Michael E. Foskett
Veteran's Day Chapel Lt. Michael Foskett, Chaplain, U.S. Navy, Oceanside, CA, asks us how a pastor can serve those who have served and are serving in the military.
Sep 13, 2011
Abraham KuruvillaAbraham Kuruvilla
Fighting for God! Dr. Abe Kuruvilla, Associate Professor of Pastoral Ministries, DTS, encourages us to fight for God as God fights for us.
Nov 11, 2010
Bryan J. Hult
Effective Doors Are Temporary Army National Guard Assistant to the Army Chief of Chaplains and Senior Pastor of Grace Evangelical Church, Dr. Bryan Hult shares with us to press through effective doors of...
Apr 30, 2008
Robert Dees
Being a Bridge of Healing Major General (Ret.) Bob Dees, U.S. Army, Executive Director of Military Ministry for Campus Crusade for Christ International shares how to be a "bridge of healing" to military...
Nov 1, 2007
Stan Giles
Is Just War Just? Veterans Day: Chaplain (Lt. Col.) Stanley Giles, Chaplain of Air National Guard Training and Education Center, discusses the conditions under which war is a permissible and just...
Nov 9, 2005
Oscar Arauco
Veteran's Day Chapel 2005 Join as Major Oscar Arauco, Chaplain, Fort Hood, Texas, shares with us to pray for the soldiers who protect us.
Nov 11, 2004
Doug Duerksen
Soldiers in Christ

Maj. Doug Duerkson, Brigade Chaplain, US Army, relays a comparative look at service to the military and service to God.

Apr 2, 2003
Ramesh RichardRamesh Richard
A Military Metaphor for the Ministry Dr. Ramesh Richard, professor of Pastoral Ministries at Dallas Seminary and founder of RReach Ministries, explores how the...