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Feb 5, 2013
Douglas Stuart
My Favorite Mistranslations (1 Kings 19:12) Dr. Douglas Stuart, Professor of Old Testament Studies, Gordon-Conwell Theological Seminary, South Hampton, MA, utilizes his knowledge in the Biblical languages to talk about his...
Spiritual Life
Jun 1, 2010
Daniel Jensen
Read It Together “He who has ears to hear, let him hear.” (Luke 8:8) My community group from church met each week. Some nights we would spend the whole evening praying for one another....
Aug 25, 2009
Mark L. BaileyMark L. Bailey
Ministry in a Messy World Mark Bailey, President of DTS and professor of Bible Exposition, reads from Acts 17 and discusses how we can enjoy the blessing of God while ministering in the midst of a messy...
Apr 29, 2009
Michael J. SvigelMichael J. Svigel
Handle Scripture Well! Michael Svigel, assistant professor of Theological Studies, discusses the importance of handling Scripture well. He reads from 2 Peter 3 and encourages us to remain teachable under...
Sep 26, 2008
Roy Peterson
God's Heart for the Nations Mr. Roy Peterson, President of The Seed Company, which is a Wycliffe affiliate, discusses the privilege of sharing the Gospel to unreached people groups. He presents a special...
Sep 2, 2008
Jeffrey BinghamJeffrey Bingham
Terrible Times Require Trustworthy Teaching Dr. Jeffrey Bingham, chair and professor of Theological Studies, analyzes the health of today's church. He looks at 2 Timothy 3 and encourages us to adopt trustworthy teaching.
Apr 19, 2007
Neil TombaNeil Tomba
Undone by God's Word Pastor Neil Tomba, Senior Pastor of Northwest Bible Church, dramatically retells the Sermon on the Mount.
Mar 23, 2007
Rob Styler
A Retelling of David and Goliath Mr. Rob Styler, Dramatist and Evangelist at Second Adam, dramatically recreates the narrative of David and Goliath.
Nov 3, 2006
Mark L. BaileyMark L. Bailey
Listen Up Discover Dallas: Dr. Mark Bailey, President of Dallas Seminary and Professor of Bible Exposition, encourages believers to maintain receptive hearts to God's Word.
Mar 2, 2006
Stanley D. ToussaintStanley D. Toussaint
The Rich Man and Lazarus Dr. Stan Toussaint, senior professor emeritus, brings us the message that what pleases God is humble submission to the Scriptures.
Sep 29, 2005
Henry Morris III
Heresies, Anti-knowledge, and Willing Ignorance

Join us as Dr. Henry Morris III, EVP of the Institute for Creation Research, communicates how naturalistic interpretations of science have undermined the text of...

Sep 20, 2005
Mario Zandstra
An Encounter with God Join us as Mr. Mario Zandstra, president and CEO of Pine Cove Christian Camps, communicates about our need for a daily encounter with God.
Mar 29, 2005
Mark MatlockMark Matlock
Generation Hope

Join us as Matt Matlock, president of Wisdom Works Ministries, shares that we can have a strategic impact on this generation of young people by connecting them to God and...

Jan 20, 2005
Timothy Lundy
The Wonder of God's Word

Join us as Pastor Timothy Lundy, teaching pastor at Fellowship Bible Church Little Rock, shares with us that the nourishment of God's minister is sustained in God's Word. ...

Aug 3, 2002
J. Vernon McGee
Preach the Word The late Dr. John Walvoord discusses what make a preacher effective.
Jan 1, 1997
Jeffrey BinghamJeffrey Bingham
A Love for Scripture Dr. Jeffrey Bingham, Department Chair and Professor of Theological Studies, correlates love for Scripture with submission to it.