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Julie Shannon

Dr. Julie Shannon’s over 15 years of experience in church lay leadership, teaching, and speaking includes workshops, retreats, classes, sermons, and large group presentations. She utilizes writing, podcasting, teaching, speaking, and coaching to equip others in defining steps for life. Experiences in infertility, childlessness, singleness, and life realities inspire her to share solutions and stories that offer hope, community, and a new perspective on life.

Julie earned an undergraduate degree in Radio/TV Communication from Stephen F. Austin State University, a Master in Christian Education degree from Dallas Theological Seminary and a Doctor of Educational Ministry degree from DTS.

She authored two books available on Amazon, When the Stork Passes By: A Field Guide to Practical Compassion and Infertility & Involuntary Childlessness: Traveling the Terrain, contributed to Invitation to Educational Ministry: Foundations of Transformative Christian Education by George M. Hillman Jr. and Sue G. Edwards, and has a new book about rebuilding life after storms which will be available mid-2022.

Julie hosts The Bearing Life podcast available wherever you listen to podcasts or you can subscribe on her website.

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Julie Shannon’s Contributions

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