2 Corinthians 4

Mar 22, 2019
Willie J. BoldenWillie J. Bolden
Don't Quit Dr. Willie Bolden, Executive Director of Community and Church Relations at DTS-Houston, encourages believers through the moments that are difficult and challenges them to persist...
Spiritual Life
Oct 19, 2018
Jennifer RothJennifer Roth
I Got an "A" in Trauma I’ve gone through some dark seasons in my life. Hardship and heartache have evolved into uninvited companions who have stayed far longer than I would have ever chosen....
May 3, 2018
Jeff KinleyJeff Kinley
When All Else Fails, Persevere! Jeff Kinley, president of Main Thing Ministries in Bergman, AR, encourages believers regarding the long race of ministry, which requires being steadfast in light of the grueling...
Spiritual Life
Mar 7, 2018
J. Garrett KellJ. Garrett Kell
How Corporate Worship Strengthens Weary Saints When my church gathers, it appears we have little in common. Our skin colors vary. Our political tastes differ. Cultural backgrounds have ingrained us with diverse identities. We...
Oct 6, 2017
Charles R. SwindollCharles R. Swindoll
Things We Do That Make Ministry Difficult Dr. Chuck Swindoll, Chancellor of DTS and Senior Pastor of Stonebriar Community Church in Frisco, TX, discusses how the pressure points of life before seminary are still present...
Jul 1, 2017
Owen WildmanOwen Wildman
Community Care: Alumni Profile of Karen Hawkins Don’t feel like you have to be like everybody else. You be who God made you to be.
Oct 2, 2015
Milad Dagher
Christianity in the Middle East Dr. Milad Dagher, Director of Christian Alliance Institute of Theology and Senior Pastor at Karantina Alliance Church, shares the status of the church and how the universal body of...
Jun 5, 2013
Sandra GlahnSandra Glahn
Living with a Disability Members of the DTS family talk about what it’s like to live with disability—from the perspective of both the impaired and the caregiver—and how the body of Christ can both...
Feb 20, 2012
Robert Bugh
When the Bottom Drops Out: Finding Grace in the Depths of Disappointment Chapter 1: Truths in the Night A couple of months after Carol [my wife] died, I stood in our laundry room facing a significant pile of laundry. It had been a long day at...
Feb 3, 2012
Mark McGinniss
When All Else Fails: God's Grace through Trigeminal Neuralgia A DTS grad suffers with one of the most painful conditions known to humanity. And God is there.
Spiritual Life
Apr 1, 2011
Nancy Barton Abbott
Are You Aging Well Spiritually? No matter at what stage we find ourselves, we can age well spiritually. A DTS graduate with a background in gerontology tells how.
Nov 15, 2007
Larry Clements
Resurrection Perspective: What the apostle Paul and William Carey teach us about endurance Struggling through a tough time? Drawing on the examples of two great men, Dr. Larry Clements (DMin candidate) encourages us to persevere by keeping the end in view.
Spiritual Life
Mar 13, 2007
Mark L. BaileyMark L. Bailey
The Weight of Glory How much does glory weigh? What an odd question! That is, until we learn that the Old Testament word for “glory” is kabod, which has a primitive root meaning “heavy.” Used...
Jul 7, 2006
Reg GrantReg Grant
A Star Is Born The businessman stood alone, looking out onto an empty baseball field. His son had been the star of a game played on that field only a few hours earlier. Yet the businessman, the...
Faith & Work
Jul 7, 2006
Ramesh RichardRamesh Richard
Do You Want Justice or Revenge? “I would like my epitaph to read, ‘A spokesman for the sovereign Savior worldwide.’”
Book Excerpts
Jul 7, 2006
Perimeters of Light Every culture and every age presents a challenge for each community of faith. What is acceptable? What is scriptural? Answering these questions has never been an easy task.
Jul 7, 2006
Danny Houze
Petition: Bring Our Community Together A few years ago as Valerie Simonds was walking through her Dallas neighborhood, which is full of diverse, young professionals, she asked the Lord to somehow bring that community...
Book Excerpts
Jul 7, 2006
Mary DeMuthMary DeMuth
Running with Sun Shadows Learn how God takes the light of His love and adds length to our tiny shadows in an excerpt from Ordinary Mom, Extraordinary God.