Scripture: Philippians 4


Excelling at the Basics

Ben Stuart, pastor of Passion City Church in Washington, DC, ends the fall chapel series by…
November 13, 2020
Illustration by: Hannah Riley

Be Still

Over the past eighteen months, the diagnoses of anxiety disorders have increased significantly. Paradoxically, during a…
November 3, 2021

Excelling at the Basics

Ben Stuart, pastor of Passion City Church in Washington, DC, ends the fall chapel series by…
November 13, 2020
Guest speakers recording The Table podcast

A Christian Perspective on Anxiety

In this episode, Kymberli Cook, Kelly Cheatham and Jenny Wang discuss a Christian perspective on anxiety,…
February 25, 2020

Let's Crown Character in Today's Culture

Former presidential speechwriter Peggy Noonan has written several fine books. One has a title that stands…
March 15, 2019
Guest speaker recording The Table podcast

Preparing Christian Students for College

In this episode, Mikel Del Rosario and Jonathan Morrow discuss preparing Christian students for college, focusing…
March 5, 2019
Bill Bryan playing the trumpet at commencement ceremony

G. William (Bill) Bryan (1936–2018)

Chaplain G. William (Bill) Bryan, DTS graduate, beloved chaplain, pastor, friend, devoted husband, father of three,…
December 15, 2018
man standing at podium speaking at DTS Chapel

God Will Provide

Mr. James Womack, senior pastor of Destiny Church in Fort Worth, TX, affirms how God will…
October 16, 2018
three men on stage while speaking at DTS Chapel

The Elusive Inclusive

Tom Landis, founder of Howdy Homemade Ice Cream, talks about a fresh wave of businesses hiring…
September 22, 2018
Dr. Chuck Swindoll standing at podium speaking at DTS Chapel

Focus on These Things

Chuck Swindoll, pastor of Stonebriar Community Church in Plano, TX, talks through the mindset and character…
April 6, 2018

Great Time for Worship

One of the things I appreciate about DTS’s commitment to a dispensational approach to Scripture is…
February 21, 2018
man standing at podium speaking at DTS Chapel

The Answer to Anxiety

Dr. Paul Pettit, Director of Placement at DTS, digs into Paul's response to anxiety and stress,…
August 2, 2017
Margaret seated on a bench overlooking the DTS lawn

He Will Answer By and By

A story of God's faithfulness in the midst of one very hot summer.
June 14, 2017

Worship in Spirit and Truth

With the finished work of the Cross, we can approach God not on our own merits…
June 7, 2017
Dr. Bock and guests recording The Table podcast

Engaging Literature with C.S. Lewis and J.R.R. Tolkien

In this episode, Dr. Darrell Bock, Dr. Tim Basselin, and Dr. W. Hall Harris discuss C.…
February 7, 2017

Five P's in a Pod

Bill Bryan, Seminary Chaplain and Associate Professor of Pastoral Ministries at DTS, speaks on how we…
January 27, 2015

Loosen Your Grip

Few people understood human nature better than the apostle Paul.
December 29, 2014

Following Jesus in Seminary

An excerpt from Blessed Are the Balanced: A Seminarian’s Guide to Following Jesus in the Academy,…
September 2, 2014

Living Into the Life of Jesus

Excerpt from Living into the Life of Jesus By Dr. Klauss Issler Exemplary Jesus-Practices About Money…
June 1, 2012
man standing at podium speaking at DTS Chapel

What I've Learned About Love

Dr. Mike Lawson,senior professor of Christian Education, reflects on his personal experience and what he has…
September 1, 2010

Having Fun….Enjoying the Journey

Rev. H.B London, vice president of Ministry Outreach/Pastoral Ministries at Focus on the Family, communicates that…
February 9, 2010

The Human Response to Crisis

From the new release, The Church Leader's Handbook
September 1, 2009
Crown Casting

Crown Casting

They have been my close companions when days are dark and dismal, when I’ve felt oppressed…
December 1, 2007

Our #1 Struggle

Dr. Charles Swindoll, Chancellor of Dallas Seminary and Senior Pastor of Stonebriar Community Church, offers advice…
April 17, 2007

Resurrection Economics: What the early church teaches us about generosity

Jesus’ resurrection transformed how early Christ-followers handled money. Are we willing to make similar sacrifices so…
March 13, 2007
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