Scripture: Revelation 11

What You Believe About the End Shapes How You Live Now

In this episode, Kymberli Cook, Darrell Bock, and Michael Svigel discuss why eschatology is important and…
December 5, 2023

A Good Word: βασιλεία – Kingdom

“A long time ago in a kingdom far, far away…” Many of us are familiar with…
June 1, 2023
Nativity scene figures of Jesus, Mary, and Jospeh

A Weary World Rejoices: Isaiah 9:1-7

Every Christmas season, Snoopy, of Peanuts fame, is displayed frequently in Christmas decorations. This is largely…
December 25, 2020
Dr. Svigel and Dr. Kreider recording The Table podcast

The Language of Theology

In this episode, Drs. Glenn Kreider and Michael Svigel, professors of Systematic Theology, join Dr. Darrell…
August 23, 2016

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