Richard A. Taylor

Dr. Taylor’s research interests include the Hebrew Bible and its ancient versions, exegetical method, and Semitic languages. His specialties include Aramaic studies and Syriac literature. His travels have taken him to Central America, the U. K., Europe, Israel, Jordan, Canada, Sweden, Finland, Russia, Estonia, Africa, and India. His wife is a Christian school administrator, his daughter is a public school teacher, and his son is a university professor.

Richard A. Taylor’s Books

Richard A. Taylor’s Publication Articles

  • Review of “Studies in the Syntax of the Peshitta of 1 Kings.” Hugoye (6:2). 2003.
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Richard A. Taylor’s Contributions

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Dr. Richard Taylor discusses and answers questions concerning the recently discovered papyrus allegedly mentioning Jesus' wife.
September 28, 2012

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Dr. Richard Taylor, Senior Professor of Old Testament Studies, Director of the Ph.D. Program, DTS, explains…
March 20, 2012

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