John 19

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Oct 17, 2017
Daniel B. WallaceDaniel B. WallaceDarrell L. BockDarrell L. Bock
Reliability of the New Testament In this episode, Drs. Darrell L. Bock and Dan Wallace discuss the reliability of the New Testament, focusing on the task of discovering the wording of the original documents.
Book Excerpts
Feb 27, 2012
Charles R. SwindollCharles R. Swindoll
Insights in Revelation: Messages from a Majestic Savior Think before answering this question: If Jesus Christ Himself were to show up in your church unannounced, evaluate your worship, and carefully investigate the interpersonal...
Jul 27, 2011
George M. HillmanGeorge M. Hillman
Who's In Charge Here? Dr. George Hillman, Associate Professor of Spiritual Formation and Leadership, explains that it is a foolish thing to think that we are actually in charge of life.
Apr 1, 2011
Jeffrey A. Watson
The Nicodemus Question How can a man be born when he is old? (John 3:4). With a curious frown, the great silver-bearded attorney let his question just float there, suspended in the damp night air. How...
Jul 7, 2006
Jesus and the Fifth Commandment Where does the Fifth Commandment fit in Jesus’ teachings? For many, the Lord’s words in Luke 14:26 may come to mind: “If anyone comes to me and does not hate his...
Jul 7, 2006
Charles R. SwindollCharles R. Swindoll
A Measure of Grace     Imagine you are a father and have taken your daughter to play the carnival game called the Hi Striker. To score points you sling a mallet so hard that a weight...