Scripture: John 19

Manuscript Detective

What do scholars of textual criticism see when they examine an ancient New Testament manuscript? Dr.…
November 8, 2022

Explaining Differences in the Gospels

In this episode, Mikel Del Rosario, Drs. Darrell Bock and Mike Licona discuss differences in the…
March 30, 2021
Dr. Bock and guest recording The Table podcast

Reliability of the New Testament

In this episode, Drs. Darrell L. Bock and Dan Wallace discuss the reliability of the New…
October 17, 2017
Insights in Revelation - Messages from a Majestic Savior

Insights in Revelation: Messages from a Majestic Savior

Think before answering this question: If Jesus Christ Himself were to show up in your church…
February 27, 2012
man standing at podium speaking at DTS Chapel

Who's In Charge Here?

Dr. George Hillman, Associate Professor of Spiritual Formation and Leadership, explains that it is a foolish…
July 27, 2011

The Nicodemus Question

How can a man be born when he is old? (John 3:4). With a curious frown,…
April 1, 2011

A Measure of Grace

    Imagine you are a father and have taken your daughter to play the carnival game called…
July 7, 2006

Jesus and the Fifth Commandment

Where does the Fifth Commandment fit in Jesus' teachings? For many, the Lord's words in Luke…
July 7, 2006

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