Chapel Semester: Spring 2010 Chapels

Apr 27, 2010
Charles R. SwindollCharles R. Swindoll
Early Success In Your Ministry Chancellor of Dallas Seminary and senior pastor of Stonebriar Community Church, Dr. Chuck Swindoll gives us adivce on how to handle early success in ministry.
Apr 23, 2010
Michael Vincent
Senior Preaching Week: Keep Watch Senior preacher Michael Vincent encourages us to keep watch over ourselves by continually checking our actions, our biblical message, and our conscience.
Apr 22, 2010
Ben Bolin
Senior Preaching Week: Christian Unity Senior preacher Ben Bolin teaches us about how to live in christian unity.
Apr 21, 2010
Ranjit David
Senior Preaching Week: Spiritual Leadership During Crisis Senior preacher Ranjit David brings us a message that explains that a spiritual leader leads during crisis by making God his priority, his provision, and by trusting God's process.
Apr 20, 2010
Andrew Wild
Senior Preaching Week: What Is Success in Ministry? Senior preacher Andrew Wild reminds us that success in ministry is persevering in the job God has called you to do.
Apr 15, 2010
Richard J. Dunham
Stepping Into the Battle President & CEO of Dunham+Company, Richard Dunham explains that as men and women graduate from DTS, they step into a battle, but it's not quite what they might think.
Apr 13, 2010
J. Lanier BurnsJ. Lanier Burns
The Goal of Godly Living Research professor of Theological Studies and senior professor of Systematic Theology, Dr. Lanier Burns shares that godliness with contentment is great gain.
Apr 9, 2010
John Morris
Creation and the Character of God President of the Institute for Creation Research, Dr. John Morris explains that there are several reasons, both Biblical and scientific, why a Christian should not hold to any form...
Apr 7, 2010
Bruce Ewing
Start to Finish Senior Pastor, Bruce Ewing, Fellowship Bible Church of Tulsa, brings us four principles that Jesus gave that are necessary to faithfully finish the race.
Apr 1, 2010
Jeff KinleyJeff Kinley
A Dad-Sized Challenge Jeff Kinley, president of Main Thing Ministry, encourages a new generation of hero dads to step to the plate.
Mar 26, 2010
Gordon H. JohnstonGordon H. Johnston
How To Overcome Evangelphobia Associate Professor of Old Testament Studies, Dr. Gordon Johnston, shares with us four ways we can become more effective in personal evangelism.
Mar 24, 2010
James H. ThamesJames H. Thames
Refined by Fire Associate Professor of Christian Education and associate academic dean for Academic Administration, Dr. Jim Thames, shares with us that the difficulties in life are used by God to...
Mar 23, 2010
Timothy S. WarrenTimothy S. Warren
The March of Triumph Professor of Pastoral Ministries, Dr. Timothy Warren shares the message that Christ has called us to join his victory parade.
Mar 5, 2010
Charles R. SwindollCharles R. Swindoll
Meaningful or Miserable Ministry? Dr. Chuck Swindoll, chancellor of Dallas Seminary and senior pastor of Stonebriar Community Church, challeneges us to consciously choose a meaningful ministry over that of a...
Mar 4, 2010
Mark L. BaileyMark L. Bailey
Teamwork President of Dallas Seminary, Dr. Mark Bailey, shares with us that the people around us make the ministry possible for us.
Feb 25, 2010
Karen G. GiesenKaren G. Giesen
Encourage One Another Adjunct professor in Christian Education and associate director of the Houston Extension, Dr. Karen Giesen brings us a message about the life of Barnabas which inspires us to...
Feb 23, 2010
Bryan CarterBryan Carter
Black History Chapel Pastor Bryan Carter, senior pastor of Concord Missionary Baptist Church, encourages us with how to handle tests in our lives.
Feb 19, 2010
Timothy J. RalstonTimothy J. Ralston
Three Pillars for Pastoral Ministry Professor of Pastoral Ministries, Dr. Timothy Ralston, encourages us to see our ministry as a calling from God, not just a career.
Feb 17, 2010
Dr. Ramesh RichardDr. Ramesh Richard
The Ministry Problematic Dr. Ramesh Richard, professor of Pastoral Ministries, reminds us that everything that occurs is used by God for the advancement of the Gospel.
Feb 16, 2010
Darrell L. BockDarrell L. Bock
The Gospel of Good News Research professor of NT Studies and professor of Spiritual Development & Culture, Dr. Darrell Bock relays the message that the gospel is not just about death or sin, but about...
Feb 9, 2010
H. B. London
Having Fun....Enjoying the Journey Rev. H.B London, vice president of Ministry Outreach/Pastoral Ministries at Focus on the Family, communicates that the one who called us into ministry wants us to enjoy our...
Jan 27, 2010
Tim McKenzie
God's Powerful Words Mr. Tim McKenzie, president and founder of On Every Word ministry, reminds us through the creation story in Genesis that God's Word is powerful, purposeful and potent.
Jan 26, 2010
Carl Anderson
Feed My Sheep Senior pastor at Trinity Fellowship Church, Dr. Carl Anderson reminds us of the privilege of our role to feed God's sheep by actively serving in the front lines of pastoral care...
Jan 15, 2010
Bruce ProctorBruce Proctor
The Motivation Behind MLK's Push for Civil Rights Founder and president of Basic Truth Bible Ministry, Bruce Proctor shares that Martin Luther King desired to show compassion in the struggle for civil rights.