Timothy J. Ralston

Dr. Ralston brings a rich pastoral background to his classroom, having served as an associate pastor and pastor in Ontario and as a director of adult education in the United States. Dr. Ralston is an active member in the North American Academy of Liturgy and the Evangelical Homiletics Society. His research in New Testament manuscripts and worship has taken him into a wide variety of settings and produced numerous scholarly articles. His teaching interests include preaching, worship, and spirituality. He is also an active Master Scuba Diving instructor and emergency first-response trainer. He and his wife, Carol, have two daughters and five grandchildren.

Timothy J. Ralston’s Books

Timothy J. Ralston’s Publication Articles

  • “Book Review: She can teach: empowering women to teach the Scriptures effectively.” Bibliotheca Sacra (171:683). 2014. 316-34.
  • Review of “The Story of Christian Spirituality: Two Thousand Years, from East to West.” Bibliotheca Sacra (161:643). 2004. 379-379.
  • Review of “Presbyterian Worship: a Guide for Clergy.” Bibliotheca Sacra (161:642). 2004. 252-253.
  • Review of “The Story of Christian Spirituality: Two Thousand Years, from East to West.” Bibliotheca Sacra (161:641). 2004. 111-111.
  • Review of “Ambrose of Milan’s Method of Mystagogical Preaching.” Bibliotheca Sacra (161:641). 2004. 124-125.
  • “‘Back to the Future’: Classical Categories for Exegesis, Application, and Authority.” Journal of Evangelical Homiletics Society (3:2). 2003. 33-51.
  • Review of “Making Worship Real: a Resource for Youth and Their Leaders.” Bibliotheca Sacra (160:640). 2003. 506-506.
  • Review of “Winning Decisions: Getting It Right the First Time.” Bibliotheca Sacra (160:637). 2003. 126-127.
  • Review of “Theological Aesthetics: God in Imagination, Beauty, and Art.” Bibliotheca Sacra (159:634). 2002. 241-242.
  • Review of “The Daily Book of Common Prayer: Readings and Prayers through the Years.” Bibliotheca Sacra (158:632). 2001. 506-506.
  • Review of “Spiritual Theology: a Systematic Study of the Christian Life.” Bibliotheca Sacra (158:631). 2001. 375-375.
  • Review of “The Evidential Power of Beauty: Science and Theology Meet.” Bibliotheca Sacra (158:630). 2001. 238-239.
  • Review of “Chinese Christians in America: Conversion, Assimilation, and Adhesive Identities.” Bibliotheca Sacra (158:629). 2001. 127-128.
  • Review of “A Royal Waste of Time: the Splendor of Worshiping God and Being Church for the World.” Bibliotheca Sacra (157:628). 2000. 506-506.
  • Review of “Planning Blended Worship: the Creative Mixture of Old and New.” Bibliotheca Sacra (157:627). 2000. 381-382.
  • “Remembrance and Worship: the Mandate and the Means.” Reformation & Revival (9:3). 2000. 77-89.
  • “Book Review: A Royal ‘Waste’ of Time: The Splendor of Worshiping God and Being Church for the World.” Bibliotheca Sacra (157:628). 2000. 506.
  • Review of “The English Hymn: a Critical and Historical Study.” Bibliotheca Sacra (157:625). 2000. 119-120.
  • Review of “Come to the Banquet: Meditations for the Lord’s Table.” Bibliotheca Sacra (156). 1999. 504-505.
  • Review of “Liturgical Spirituality.” Bibliotheca Sacra (156). 1999. 506-507.
  • Review of “The Oxford Dictionary of Art.” Bibliotheca Sacra (156). 1999. 507-507.
  • Review of “Groundwork of Christian Worship.” Bibliotheca Sacra (156). 1999. 381-382.
  • Review of “True Worship: Reclaiming the Wonder and Majesty.” Bibliotheca Sacra (156). 1999. 381-381.
  • Review of “Handbook for Liturgical Studies, V 1: Introduction to the Liturgy.” Bibliotheca Sacra (156). 1999. 382-382.
  • Review of “Communion Shapes Character.” Bibliotheca Sacra (156). 1999. 249-250.
  • Review of “History of the Liturgy: the Major Stages.” Bibliotheca Sacra (156). 1999. 121-122.
  • Review of “The Hymn Tune Index: a Census of English-language Hymn Tunes in Printed Sources from 1535 to 1820, V 1.” Bibliotheca Sacra (156). 1999. 123-124.
  • Review of “The Hymn Tune Index: a Census of English-language Tunes in Printed Sources from 1535 to 1820, V 2.” Bibliotheca Sacra (156). 1999. 123-124.
  • Review of “The Hymn Tune Index: a Census of English-language Tunes in Printed Sources from 1535 to 1820, V 3.” Bibliotheca Sacra (156). 1999. 123-124.
  • Review of “The Hymn Tune Index: a Census of English-language Tunes in Printed Sources from 1535 to 1820, V 4.” Bibliotheca Sacra (156). 1999. 123-124.
  • Review of “The Eucharist in the New Testament and in the Early Church.” Bibliotheca Sacra (156). 1999. 124-124.
  • Review of “Worship As Theology: Foretaste of Glory Divine.” Bibliotheca Sacra (155). 1998. 500-501.
  • Review of “The Story of Christian Music: from Gregorian Chant to Black Gospel.” Bibliotheca Sacra (155). 1998. 501-501.
  • Review of “Contemporary Worship: a Sourcebook for Spirited-traditional Praise and Seeker Services.” Bibliotheca Sacra (155). 1998. 381-382.
  • Review of “Performing Rites: on the Value of Popular Music.” Bibliotheca Sacra (155). 1998. 254-256.
  • Review of “Worship in Spirit and Truth: a Refreshing Study of the Principles and Practice of Biblical Worship.” Bibliotheca Sacra (155). 1998. 124-125.
  • Review of “Two Ways of Praying: Introducing Liturgical Spirituality.” Bibliotheca Sacra (154). 1997. 505-506.
  • Review of “Calendar: Christ’s Time for the Church.” Bibliotheca Sacra (154). 1997. 506-507.
  • Review of “Enter His Courts with Praise: Old Testament Worship for the New Testament Church.” Bibliotheca Sacra (154). 1997. 380-381.
  • Review of “Alabadle: Hispanic Christian Worship.” Bibliotheca Sacra (154). 1997. 250-251.
  • Review of “Christian Worship and Technological Change.” Bibliotheca Sacra (154). 1997. 251-252.
  • Review of “Worship Come to Its Senses.” Bibliotheca Sacra (154). 1997. 252-253.
  • Review of “Worship Evangelism: Inviting Unbelievers into the Presence of God.” Bibliotheca Sacra (153). 1996. 503-504.
  • Review of “Reaching out without Dumbing Down: a Theology of Worship for the Turn-of-the-century Culture.” Bibliotheca Sacra (153). 1996. 382-383.
  • Review of “Dictionary of Symbolism: Cultural Icons and the Meanings behind Them.” Bibliotheca Sacra (153). 1996. 253-254.
  • Review of “Before the Throne: A Comprehensive Guide to the Importance and Practice of Worship.” Bibliotheca Sacra (153). 1996. 128-128.
  • Review of “Bread of Life and Cup of Joy: Newer Ecumenical Perspectives on the Eucharist.” Bibliotheca Sacra (152). 1995. 500-501.
  • Review of “The Witness of the Worshiping Community: Liturgy and the Practice of Evangelism.” Bibliotheca Sacra (152). 1995. 501-502.
  • Review of “Contemporary Worship for the 21st Century: Worship or Evangelism?.” Bibliotheca Sacra (152). 1995. 502-504.
  • Review of “A Community of Joy: How to Create Contemporary Worship.” Bibliotheca Sacra (152). 1995. 504-504.
  • Review of “What Is Liturgical Theology? a Study in Methodology.” Bibliotheca Sacra (152). 1995. 378-379.
  • Review of “Foundations of Liturgy: an Introduction to Its History and Practice.” Bibliotheca Sacra (152). 1995. 379-380.
  • Review of “Engaging with God: a Biblical Theology of Worship.” Bibliotheca Sacra (152). 1995. 252-252.
  • Review of “Worship: Adoration and Action.” Bibliotheca Sacra (152). 1995. 250-252.
  • Review of “Word and Worship.” Bibliotheca Sacra (152). 1995. 125-125.
  • Review of “African-American Christian Worship.” Bibliotheca Sacra (152). 1995. 127-127.
  • Review of “The Bible and Liturgy.” Bibliotheca Sacra (151). 1994. 505-507.
  • Review of “The Power Sermon: Countdown to Quality Messages for Maximum Impact.” Bibliotheca Sacra (151). 1994. 375-376.
  • Review of “The Study of Liturgy.” Bibliotheca Sacra (151). 1994. 380-381.
  • Review of “The Search for the Origins of Christian Worship: Sources and Methods for the Study of Early Liturgy.” Bibliotheca Sacra (151). 1994. 381-382.
  • Review of “The Subtle Power of Spiritual Abuse: Recognizing and Escaping Spiritual Authority within the Church.” Bibliotheca Sacra (151). 1994. 247-247.
  • Review of “What Happens Sunday Morning: a Layperson’s Guide to Worship.” Bibliotheca Sacra (151). 1994. 123-124.
  • Review of “The ABC’s of Worship: A Concise Dictionary.” Bibliotheca Sacra (151). 1994. 126-126.
  • Review of “Prayer: Finding the Heart’s True Home.” Bibliotheca Sacra (150). 1993. 505-505.
  • Review of “The Gift of Worship.” Bibliotheca Sacra (150). 1993. 507-508.
  • Review of “Word and Worship.” Bibliotheca Sacra (150). 1993. 382-383.
  • Review of “Rediscovering Expository Preaching: Balancing the Science and Art of Biblical Exposition.” Bibliotheca Sacra (150). 1993. 249-252.
  • Review of “Paul the Preacher.” Bibliotheca Sacra (150). 1993. 122-123.
  • Review of “The Bible and Liturgy.” Bibliotheca Sacra (150). 1993. 113-114.
  • Review of “Jesus the Preacher.” Bibliotheca Sacra (150). 1993. 122-123.
  • “The “Majority Text” and Byzantine Origins.” New Testament Studies (38). 1992. 122-137.
  • Review of “Labourers Together: The Layman and His Pastor.” Bibliotheca Sacra (148). 1991. 376-377.
  • “The Theological Significance of Paul’s Conversion.” Bibliotheca Sacra (147). 1990. 199-216.

Timothy J. Ralston’s Contributions

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December 8, 2018
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Vindicating the Vixens: Women in the Bible (Arise Panel)

Vindicating the Vixens (Kregel, forthcoming) is the result of a diverse team of 16 male and…
March 23, 2017

Teach Us to Pray

Dr. Timothy Ralston, Professor of Pastoral Ministries, communicates that when you pray, seek God's priority and…
October 30, 2013
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Three Pillars for Pastoral Ministry

Professor of Pastoral Ministries, Dr. Timothy Ralston, encourages us to see our ministry as a calling…
February 19, 2010

A History of Women in Christian Worship

Susan J. White
Pilgrim Press

Face to Face: Portraits of the Divine in Early Christianity

Robin Margaret Jensen
Augsburg Fortress Publishers

Too Deep for Words: A Theology of Liturgical Expression

Clayton J. Schmit
Westminster John Knox Press

Windows to Heaven: Introducing Icons to Protestants and Catholics

Elizabeth Zelensky, Lela Gilbert
Brazos Press

A Song for Every Day

Last year Dr. Timothy Ralston wrote a Kindred Spirit review of a book on the twelve…
July 7, 2006

Presbyterian Worship: A Guide for Clergy

J. Dudley Weaver Jr.
Geneva Press

Ambrose of Milan’s Method of Mystagogical Preaching

Craig Alan Satterlee
Liturgical Press

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