Darrell L. Bock

Dr. Bock has earned recognition as a Humboldt Scholar (Tübingen University in Germany), is the author of over 40 books, including well-regarded commentaries on Luke and Acts and studies of the historical Jesus, and work in cultural engagement as host of the seminary’s Table Podcasts. He was president of the Evangelical Theological Society (ETS) for 2000–2001, writes for the Christianity Today’s Places and Space series, and serves on the boards of Wheaton College, Chosen People Ministries, the Institute for Global Engagement, and Christians in Public Service (CIPS). His articles appear in leading publications. He is often an expert for the media on NT issues. Dr. Bock has been a New York Times best-selling author in nonfiction and is elder emeritus at Trinity Fellowship Church in Dallas. When traveling overseas, he will tune into the current game involving his favorite teams from Houston—live—even in the wee hours of the morning. Married for over 40 years to Sally, he is a proud father of two daughters and a son and is also a grandfather.

Darrell L. Bock’s Books

Studying the Historical Jesus: A Guide to Sources and Methods

Interest in the historical Jesus continues to occupy much of today¹s discussion of the Bible. The…
June 22, 2021

Darrell L. Bock’s Publication Articles

  • “‘Who Is This Son of Man?’ The Latest Scholarship on a Puzzling Expression of the Historical Jesus.” Library of New Testament Studies (JSNTS) (390). 2011. 78-100.
  • “Is That All There Is? A Response To Lara Guglielmo’s’ 11Q13, Malchisedek, Coreference, and Restoration of 2 18.” Enoch (33). 2011. 73-76.
  • “Faith and the Historical Jesus: Does a Confessional Position and Respect for the Jesus Tradition Preclude Serious Historical Engagement?.” Journal for the Study of the Historical Jesus (9). 2011. 3-25.
  • “A Brief Reply to Robert Miller and Amy-Jill Levine.” Journal for the Study of the Historical Jesus (9). 2011. 106-10.
  • “Embracing Jesus in a First Century Context: What Can It Teach Us About Spiritual Commitment?.” Journal of Spiritual Formation and Soul Care (3). 2010. 128-39.
  • “Who Do My Opponents Say that I Am? An Investigation of the Accusations against the Historical Jesus.” Library of New Testament Studies (328). 2008. 76-94.
  • “Blasphemy and the Jewish Examination of Jesus.” Bulletin for Biblical Research (17:1). 2007. 53-114.
  • “The Jesus and Judas Papers: A Look at Recent Claims about Jesus.” www.christianitytoday.com 2006.
  • “Will the Real Judas Please Stand Up?.” www.beliefnet.org 2006.
  • “The Good News of Da Vinci: How a Ludicrous Book Can Become an Opportunity to Engage the Culture.” Christianity Today (48:1). 2004. 62-62.
  • Review of “Paul on Trial: the Book of Acts As a Defense of Christianity.” Bibliotheca Sacra (160:640). 2003. 501-502.
  • “The State of Missions: an Interview with Luis Bush.” Christianity Today (47:7). 2003. 26-26.
  • Review of “Studying the Historical Jesus: a Guide to Sources and Methods.” Evangelical Review of Theology (27:2). 2003. 189-189.
  • “Darrell Bock: ‘Public Square’ Societies Keep Us Honest.” Christianity Today (47:2). 2003. 86-86.
  • “Do Gender-sensitive Translations Distort Scripture? Not Necessarily.” Journal of the Evangelical Theological Society (45:4). 2002. 651-669.
  • Review of “The Four Gospels and the One Gospel of Jesus Christ: an Investigation of the Collection and Origin of the Canonical Gospels.” Bibliotheca Sacra (159:636). 2002. 498-499.
  • Review of “The Unity of Luke-Acts.” Bibliotheca Sacra (159:635). 2002. 376-377.
  • Review of “Jesus and the Heritage of Israel: Luke’s Narrative Claim upon Israel’s Legacy.” Bibliotheca Sacra (159:634). 2002. 250-250.
  • “The Purpose Driven ETS: Where Should We Go? A Look at Jesus Studies and Other Example Cases.” Journal of the Evangelical Theological Society (45:1). 2002. 3-33.
  • Review of “The Criteria for Authenticity in Historical-Jesus Research: Previous Discussion and New Proposals.” Bibliotheca Sacra (159:633). 2002. 125-127.
  • Review of “Jesus outside the New Testament: an Introduction to the Ancient Evidence.” Bibliotheca Sacra (158:631). 2001. 381-381.
  • Review of “Story As History, History As Story: the Gospel Tradition in the Context of Ancient Oral History.” Bibliotheca Sacra (158:630). 2001. 245-245.
  • Review of “The Greco-Roman World of the New Testament Era: Exploring the Background of Early Christianity.” Bibliotheca Sacra (158:629). 2001. 125-126.
  • Review of “Jesus the Miracle Worker: a Historical and Theological Study.” Bibliotheca Sacra (157:628). 2000. 503-505.
  • “No More Hollow Jesus : In Focusing so Intently on Jesus the Man, Peter Jennings’ Report Missed the Big Picture.” Christianity Today (44:9). 2000. 73-73.
  • Review of “The Jesus Crisis: the Inroads of Historical Criticism into Evangelical Scholarship.” Bibliotheca Sacra (157:626). 2000. 232-236.
  • Review of “The Historical Jesus in the 20th Century: 1900-1950.” Bibliotheca Sacra (157:625). 2000. 115-116.
  • Review of “Das Evangelium Nach Lukas. Bd 3/2, Lk 9.51-14.35.” Review of Biblical Literature (1). 1999. 274-276.
  • “Why I Am a Dispensationalist with a Small “D”.” Journal of the Evangelical Theological Society (41). 1998. 383-396.
  • Review of “Luke-Acts: Angels, Christology and Soteriology.” Bibliotheca Sacra (155). 1998. 245-246.
  • “Jesus V Sanhedrin : Why Jesus “Lost” His Trial.” Christianity Today (42). 1998. 48-50.
  • Review of “The Book of Acts and Paul in Roman Custody.” Journal of the Evangelical Theological Society (40). 1997. 469-470.
  • Review of “Jesus’ Exposition of the Old Testament in Luke’s Gospel.” Evangelical Quarterly (69). 1997. 160-161.
  • “Key Jewish Texts on Blasphemy and Exaltation and the Jewish Examination of Jesus.” Society of Biblical Literature Seminar Papers (36). 1997. 115-160.
  • “The Parable of the Rich Man and Lazarus and the Ethics of Jesus.” Southwestern Journal of Theology (40). 1997. 63-72.
  • Review of “Theological Lexicon of the New Testament, 3 V.” Bibliotheca Sacra (153). 1996. 249-250.
  • Review of “Septuagint Quotations in the Context of the Petrine and Pauline Speeches of the Acta Apostolorum.” Biblica (77:4). 1996. 567-570.
  • “My Un-American Faith : Why I Stopped “Doing” All I Could for God.” Christianity Today (40). 1996. 21-23.
  • “Scandal? A Forum On the Evangelical Mind.” Christianity Today (39). 1995. 21-27.
  • Review of “Stewardship and the Kingdom of God: An Historical, Exegetical and Contextual Study of the Parable of the Unjust Steward in Luke 16:1-13.” Evangelical Quarterly (67). 1995. 270-271.
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  • Review of “Rethinking the Unity of Luke and Acts.” Bibliotheca Sacra (152). 1995. 116-117.
  • Review of “The Death of the Messiah: from Gethsemane to the Grave: a Commentary on the Passion Narratives of the Four Gospels, 2 V.” Christianity Today (38). 1994. 34-34.
  • “Charting Dispensationalism : A Group of Progressive Scholars Is Mapping out a Dispensational Theology for a New Era.” Christianity Today (38). 1994. 26-29.
  • Review of “The Acts of the Apostles.” Bibliotheca Sacra (151). 1994. 371-372.
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  • “The Son of David and the Saints’ Task : The Hermeneutics of Initial Fulfillment.” Bibliotheca Sacra (150). 1993. 440-457.
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  • Review of “A Christological Catechism.” Bibliotheca Sacra (140). 1983. 79-80.

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